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    People  can tell you that your dreams are a joke.  You may never choose to walk onto the field for the simple reason that you are afraid, you're not qualified for the job or you won't fit into school.

     Don't let fear, impossible, never, can't , loser enter your vocabulary !

    Don't Be Stupid

    About Us

    How We started

    It started while working for someone that decided to call me stupid.  I'm not stupid so this of course did not sit well with me.  Ive been lucky enough to have traveled the world and done quite well standing on my own two feet.

    Our Mission

    To give back. To help kids reach their goals and realize their dreams !

    Helping The Community

    You are directly helping kids  by making a purchase from us.  For ever item that we sell we are making a donation to our local community youth group foundation in our town and or local towns that may need a boost.


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    Don't Be Stupid

    332 Ramapo Valley Road #18, Oakland, NJ 07436, US

    (201) 788-6324